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Home Wireless Earbuds Airdopes 452 | TWS Earbuds with 6mm Drivers, 380mAh Charging Case, ENx™ Technology, BEAST Mode for Gamers, ASAP Charge

Airdopes 452 | TWS Earbuds with 6mm Drivers, 380mAh Charging Case, ENx™ Technology, BEAST Mode for Gamers, ASAP Charge



Airdopes 452 - Wireless Earbuds
There’s no merit in following a crowd. Lead the way of all things audio with Airdopes 452 - our powerful yet sleek earbuds. Show them who runs the game by unleashing the power of BEAST technology during your high-intensity gaming sesh. Communicate your plan with crystal clear clarity and lead your team to glory. Low on power? Get set for another 60 minutes of gaming with just 10 minutes of charging. Experience audio like never before with Airdopes 452 - the first gaming TWS by India’s #1 audio brand.

Lead the way everywhere, in speed
Unlock the most real and immersive audio experience in gaming & entertainment with BEAST™ technology that significantly reduces latency and keeps audio and video in sync.
Bionic. Engine. And. Sonic. Technology ( BEASTTM)

Victory will be yours with crystal clear, hair-raising realism.

Make yourself heard, loud & clear ENx™ technology
Be heard as good as in-person with ENx technology. 

Charge for 10 minutes, Groove for 60 minutes
Do more of what you love with just 10 minutes of charge.

First Gaming TWS by India’s #1 Audio Brand
Low latency and extra long playback for your never-ending gaming sessions. 

Connect & Play

Headphone Type
TWS Earbuds

IPX Rating

Music Playtime
Total 20 hours

9 months

Beast Mode

Charging Time
50 mins Earbuds

Transmission Range

Driver Size


380mAh (Case) 40mAh*2 (Earbuds)

All Bluetooth Devices

Charging Interface
Type C

Country Of Origin

Seamless Pairing, Every Time
Watch your Airdopes seamlessly connect to your device with the power of Google Fast Pair and IWP technology.

Play games, watch movies or listen to songs. Indulge in an incredible audio experience always.


Q. How can we pause and play tracks?
Airdopes 452 comes with effortless Touch Controls that allow one to seamlessly control music. Please refer to the instruction manual to learn about the different ways one can take advantage of its features.

Q. Can we accept calls on Airdopes 452?
Yes, one can easily accept and reject calls on Airdopes 452. Please refer to the product manual for further details.

Q. Can I use any adapter to charge my device?
Yes, you can use any adapter to charge your Airdopes 452 charging case.

Q. How long does Airdopes 452 last on a single charge?
Airdopes 452 wireless earbuds offer upto 20 hours of backup.

Q. How long does it take to charge?
Airdopes 452 takes around 45 minutes to charge fully. ASAP charge lets you enjoy 60 minutes of playback with just 10 minutes of charge.

Q. Does it support fast charging?
Yes, Airdopes 452 comes with ASAP charge technology.

Q. Can I charge my earphones while the case is being charged?
Yes, one can simultaneously charge the carrying case and the bluetooth earbuds at the same time.

Q. What is the use of the charging case? How long does it take the charging case to charge?
The charging case is ergonomically designed to be portable and lightweight. You can carry your in-ear earbuds around while they’re being charged in the case. The charging case takes around 1.5-2 hours to charge.

Q. Are they compatible with iPhones and Android phones?
Yes, Airdopes 452 is fully compatible with iPhones and Android devices.

Q. How do I reboot/restart my earbuds?
In order to reboot your device, turn off Bluetooth on your mobile device, place your earbuds in the case, close the lid, and wait for 10 seconds.

Q. How do I factory reset my earbud?
In order to factory reset your Airdopes 452- go to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device, find your Airdopes 452 and select 'forget'.
On your Airdopes 452,
Step 1: Place both the earbuds back into the charging case in correct orientation
Step 2: While the earbuds are inside the case let the charging case lid remain open. Long press the Reset button located outside the case for 10 seconds, until the white LED blinks on the earbuds as well as the case.
Step 3: Shut the lid of the charging case and then re-open it again
Please refer to the manual for further assistance.

Q. Is there a warranty for the product? How do I claim warranty?
Yes, all of our true wireless earbuds come with a 1 year warranty. To register your device, visit https://support.boat-lifestyle.com/.



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