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Home Wireless Earbuds Airdopes 131 | Wireless Earbuds Wonder Woman DC Edition Earbuds With 13 mm Drivers, 650mAh Pocket Friendly Charging Case

Airdopes 131 | Wireless Earbuds Wonder Woman DC Edition Earbuds With 13 mm Drivers, 650mAh Pocket Friendly Charging Case



Airdopes 131 - Best Wonder Woman DC Edition
Awaken the warrior in you with Airdopes 131 | DC edition. Powerful like the Daughter of Zeus, these truly wireless earbuds are equipped with 13mm drivers for an immersive sound. Inspired by one of the Trinity heroes, with 12HRS playback, Airdopes 131 won’t ever disappoint.

Super Connectivity
Experience a super and instant connection with Bluetooth v5.0 and Insta Wake n Pair. With Type-C port get your device charged at speeds that break barriers.

13 mm Drivers
Immerse in an other worldly experience with Signature Sound delivered via the powerful 13mm drivers. Groove to your list as you find the hero in you.

Feels Like You Can Fly
Carry Airdopes 131 around with ease. Its ergonomic fit doesn’t give even the slightest discomfort when you wear it for long. By being lightweight it's so easy to carry around, it's almost like you are flying like your favourite heroes.

Connect & Play

Headphone Type


HD Sound


Bluetooth Version


Driver Size

13mm x 2 Drivers

Bluetooth Profiles




Voice Assistant


Charging Voltage


Earphone battery capacity

3.7V, 40mAh x 2 buds

Talk time/music time

3 Hours per bud

Charging Time

2 Hours

Standby Time

100 Hours

Bluetooth Range


Country Of Origin



Q. How can we pause and play tracks?
Single tap the capacitive touch control on either earbud to play a song or to pause one. Airdopes 131 comes with a host of intuitive features that allows one to seamlessly control music. Please refer to the instruction manual to learn about the different ways one can take advantage of its features.

Q. Can we accept calls on Airdopes 131?
Yes, one can easily accept and reject calls on Airdopes 131. A single press on the multi-function button allows the user to easily accept and reject calls.

Q. Can I use any adapter to charge my device?
Yes, you can use any adapter to charge your Airdopes 131 Charging case.

Q. Are Airdopes 131 waterproof and sweat resistant?
NO, Airdopes 131 does not come with dust & water resistance.

Q. How long does Airdopes 131 last on a single charge?
Airdopes 131 wireless earbuds offer battery backup of up to 3 hours on a single charge. They also give a total playback time of 12 hours along with the charging case.

Q. What is the battery capacity of Airdopes 131 and how long does it take to charge?
The battery capacity of Airdopes 131 is 40mAh for each earbud and the charging case has a battery capacity of 650mAh. The earbuds take around 1.5H to fully charge.

Q. Does it support fast charging?
No, Airdopes 131 supports only standard charging.

Q. Can I charge my earphones with a mobile charger?
Yes, Airdopes 131 supports Type-C charging. If your mobile charger comes with Type-C charging support then you can easily charge your device using your mobile charger.

Q. Can I charge my earphones while the case is being charged?
Yes, one can simultaneously charge the carrying case and the bluetooth earbuds at the same time.

Q. What is the use of the charging case? How long does it take the charging case to charge?
The charging case is ergonomically designed to be portable and lightweight. You can carry your in-ear earbuds around while they’re being charged in the case. The charging case takes around 1.5-2 hours to charge.

Q. What Bluetooth version do Airdopes 131 support?
Airdopes 131 earbuds come with Bluetooth v5.0 technology. These in ear earbuds also support all previous versions of Bluetooth.

Q. Are they compatible with iPhones and Android phones?
Yes, Airdopes 131 are fully compatible with iPhones and Android devices.

Q. How do I reboot/restart my earbuds?
In order to reboot your device, turn off Bluetooth on your mobile device, place your earbuds in the case, close the lid, and wait for 10 seconds.

Q. How do I factory reset my earbud?
In order to factory reset your Airdopes 131, go to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device, find your Airdopes 131 and select 'forget'.
On your Airdopes 131,
Step 1: Keep both the earbuds inside the case in their correct orientation
Step 2: Triple tap the MFB on both earbuds to perform the reset. Red LED blinks for 1 sec to indicate the same.
Step 3: After the reset, close the lid of the carry case
Please refer to the manual for further assistance.

Q. How can I connect with Google and Siri?
Yes, you can double tap to connect with Google & Siri and activate the voice assistant. Please refer to the manual for further instructions.

Q. Is there a warranty for the product? How do I claim warranty?
Yes, all of our true wireless earbuds come with a 1 year warranty. To register your device, visit https://support.boat-lifestyle.com/.



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